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When it comes to matters of drywall construction and repair on your property, you invariably want a reputable company to take on the job. Enter Chicago Drywall Contractors, your full-service drywall provider of choice. We are equipped with all the necessary credentials and qualifications needed to work safely and legally on your home or property. Our competent team members service the greater Chicago area, bringing professionalism and efficiency to every job site, guaranteed. Our prices are competitive, but ultimately reflect our longstanding reputation for excellence.

Drywall Installers in Chicago who offer you suspiciously good deals might help you save upfront. However, shoddily executed work will more often than not need to be repaired immediately or much earlier than is necessary. Our expert contractors do the job right the first time around, gifting you with durable drywall work that lasts. Trusted and vetted for experience, our contractors not only bring you the best customer service, but also the most expansive range of offerings available in Chicago. Contact us today and we’ll start discussing the nature of your project.

Chicago Drywall Repair

Why Choose Us?

As a customer-first business, we understand how important it is to meet the needs of our clients. We believe our customers deserve transparency, which is why we always foster thorough and direct communication. We address your concerns in a validating manner and encourage our clients to always be honest regarding their grievances or issues. The process of building good relationships starts with hiring employees of impeccable character. When looking for a competent and communicative Drywall Contractor Chicago homeowners will find one in our expert team. Our business is determined to build strong relationships with our customers. So much so, that the next time you need drywall services, you won’t so much as have to think about who to call. You’ll innately know Chicago Drywall Contractors are the people for the job.

Residential Drywall Chicago IL

Our most popular requests are for kitchens, dining rooms, bedroom and bathroom remodels, and room additions. We’ll get you taken care in no time.

Commercial Drywall Chicago IL

Our team of certified contractors can take on any drywall job regardless of size and scope.

Framing Contractors Chicago IL

Chicago Drywall Contractors will walk you through the process and help you understand why one framing material might be preferable to another.

Drywall Contractors Chicago

Drywall Repair Chicago

When it comes to issues or complications with drywall, believe us when we say we’ve seen it all. Through years of hands-on experience, the team at Chicago Drywall Contractors has successfully (and safely!) performed and completed countless successful jobs. We’re the people you call when the other Drywall Companies in Chicago find your project to be too complex. It has always been a priority of our team members to answer the question of can you do it with a resounding and definite yes! As a long-established and trusted company in the community, we have developed relationships with many top-notch vendors, supplying us with state-of-the-art equipment and materials. Rest assured that when you retain our services, you will be treated to an exemplary customer satisfaction experience. Your property will be built and reinforced with the best drywall available. For those who want to work with the best drywall contractor Chicago has to offer, look no further than our cast of stellar installers and renovators.

Safety is a top priority and as far as we are concerned, a non-negotiable. If a job puts our team or customers at risk, it is not a job that we can complete. Everything that we do as a business is rooted in maintaining the welfare of our team members. Because of this, our precautions extend far beyond the base process of professionally training our team members. We further enhance our safety rules by using state-of-the-art equipment, following proper industry protocol. Armed with quality drywall Chicago homeowners never have to worry about the integrity of our work or materials.

We don’t bring on just anyone to be a part of our team. Chicago Drywall Contractors are held to an extraordinarily high standard of excellence. Our contractors all possess the current licensure needed to work on your home or commercial property legally. An improper drywall installation today can cause you a world of grief tomorrow. With that in mind, always be cautious about who you work with. Even if you end up spending a bit more upfront. In the long run, you will thank yourself for working with a reputable contractor like those on our team! Customer satisfaction comes first, and we are quick to rectify any issues that may occur as we work on your project.

Drywall Repair Chicago

Chicago Drywall Contractors

Chicago Drywall Repair

Drywall Contractors Chicago

Finally, we are a company that fully understands the desire for quick service. Our timelines are designed to get you in, or back into, the spaces you need quickly. Even if the job is more involved, for example, a ground-up construction project, we adhere to a strictly followed schedule. If for whatever reason we experience delays or setbacks in the construction process, our customers are never left in the dark. In addition, we offer rapid drywall repair in Chicago IL, restoring your home or business in short-order. Despite our quick turnaround times, we never sacrifice craftsmanship or circumvent attention to detail.

Why choose our team? We believe our work speaks for itself. Even so, our competitors simply can’t match our drive, dedication, and penchant for transparency. To get started on your drywall project today, let’s get in touch. 

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Framing Contractors Chicago

What exactly do we offer? If it relates to the installation, restoration or repair of drywall, the sky is the limit. Our team of certified contractors can take on any drywall job regardless of size and scope. Here is a list of some of our more popular services, and the ways in which we can help you. For more information regarding our service offerings, get in contact with us today. Whether they’re looking for that perfect remodel or a same-day drywall repair Chicago area residents can call on us for unmatched project execution.

If you’re installing drywall, you’re definitely going to want to have it framed. Framing is a quintessential part of the drywalling process and ensures your drywall will properly last without in-depth maintenance. There’s no dancing around the issue, if you want your drywalls to be sturdy and durable, framing is not up for debate. Much like drywall, framing is also made of different materials. Our contractors work with metal and wood, both are popular and suitable for framing. Our Chicago Drywall Contractors will walk you through the process and help you understand why one framing material might be preferable to another. Regardless, the choice will be made in the best interest of your home. We are the framing contractors in Chicago you need when installing or replacing drywall.

New Construction

With all the technological safeguards in place, there’s never been a more advantageous time in history to construct a new building than the present. Although, there are still plenty of issues, both minor and major, that surface during the construction process. Our competent team members can take on these issues, procuring you a structure that is well made, durable, and poised for longevity. With crucial experience in countless large construction projects under our belts, our contractors tackle these large projects with confidence and precision. Ideal for any drywall Chicago located project.

Room Additions

Room additions are another way to instantly boost the overall value of your home. They also allow for our contractors to demonstrate their innovation, whether these room additions are being crafted out of necessity or purely for leisure. The challenge is having these new additions merge well with your already established drywall and structure. No other drywall companies in Chicago have the eye for detail quite like we do. Room additions take a certain level of creativity and ingenuity to execute effortlessly. Our innate understanding of the room addition process and the materials that we utilize, make additions one of our most sought-after services. First floor, second floor, attic, we have you covered!

Drywall Repair Chicago

A hole in your wall or ceiling will drive you crazy in short order. A visually grating drywall problem often prompts people to start considering risky do-it- yourself repairs. Don’t waste time or money on repair kits, unless you know what you’re doing, you can easily accrue more damage and quickly worsen your situation. Drywall damage is not only unsightly, but it can cause or contribute to structural issues. Leave it to the professionals! When spearheaded by a professional, repairs are typically incredibly easy to fix. Whether your drywall issue was caused by water damage, dents, termites, or any sort of puncture, you can trust us to make it look fully restored. We’ll fix it up including a fresh coat of paint. If we uncover an issue like termites that requires intervention from another type of contractor, as connected members of the industry, we have referrals for well-respected businesses. 


Remodels are a surefire way to bring reinforcement to your outdated drywall. Comprehensive remodels also help to bring value to your home which is always a plus whether you intend to sell or remain in your home indefinitely. Remodels help to correct poorly executed original installation, in turn making your home a safer place to live. Chicago Drywall Contractors are well versed in the traditional 5 levels of finish. As the property owner, you have full control over the remodeling process. We can remodel any room in your home, including ceilings! However, our most popular requests are for kitchen, dining room, and bedroom remodels. Structurally and visually, we’ll get you situated in no time.  We are your trusted choice for drywall installation in Chicago.

Satisfied Clients

Shane M.
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Chicago Drywall Contractors came out for a few patch ups after some wild tenants were evicted. Followed up with some touchup paint and you can barely see a difference. Very happy with the results. Thanks guys.
Olivia B.
Read More
We installed a large shed in our backyard to use as a guest room and vacation rental. The crew was done in three days and cleaned up after themselves. Definitely recommend.
Alex B.
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We have been completely renovating our home. We had Chicago Drywall come out and help us take down a wall to create a new open space, we added a room divider, and did some updates to both bathrooms and the master closet. They were easy to work with and we love the way it turned out.
Mikayla R.
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I manage a 42-unit apartment complex and Chicago Drywall is our go-to for repairs and renovations. There's no need to look anywhere else for the best drywall contractor in town. These guys are easy to work with.